First Tuesday specializes in political communications. It brings together a group of people with a variety of talents. Our team includes expert writers, graphic artists, web designers, video editors and internet marketing specialists.

We offer a complete range of services which includes everything from message development to helping you realize all of the benefits of an online strategy. Running for office or seeking re-election is a substantial undertaking. As a candidate, there are a seemingly infinite amount of tasks that need to be done. Our comprehensive range of services means many tasks can be completed with just one call.

Among the qualities which sets us apart is the experience shared by our team. Each one of us has either run for office or played a key role in a campaign. At First Tuesday, we are passionate about the political process. Our goal is to help you win.

" First Tuesday is one of only a few firms that I trust to do mail for my candidates. Their mail is very persuasive and professional, and I've seen firsthand how effective it is. It's very helpful that they can coordinate web site development with the mail and keep a consistent theme. Most of all, it's mail that gets noticed."

Dan Shomon
former Campaign Manager and Political Director for Senator Barack Obama

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